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June 25, 2015

We recently are recovering from a 12 month update deficit in our portfolio, to say the least. Laura and I have been going through a ton in the last couple of months and want to thank everyone in our family and friends for the support. For those of you that don’t know, I was recently diagnosed with a cancerous cyst/tumor on my left kidney. Thanks to my appendix giving me problems a few months back, Doctors at Kaiser Permanente gave me an MRI and managed to find the complex cyst in it’s early stages. I’m happy to say that as of June 2nd 2015 my left kidney underwent a partial nephrectomy and are now cancer free! I am currently recovering and are grateful to Dr Chang at Kaiser Permanente and all their staff (post and pre operation) in Downey, CA. I was released June 4th and are now recovering at home. More good news coming soon!

surgery-0001 surgery-0002 surgery-0003 surgery-0004

(Screen captures from video Laura and I took while my visit at Kaiser Permanente.)